Chartered Architectural Technologists

The membership is only open to chartered architectural technologists affiliated with the particular country's governing architectural body (i.e. RIBA, ARB, CIAT, AIA etc). In restricting membership to chartered architectural technologists the is striving to promote qualified architectural technologists to all levels of the consumer industry. This will, in time, bring public awareness of the importance of the term 'Chartered Architectural Technologist' and significantly to the importance of good quality design.

Listing your Practice

Chartered Architectural Technologists and architectural practices sign-up for inclusion within the and pay for leads. Additional fees associated with each listing is dependant on whether the architectural practice chooses a for a standard listing within one or more geographical areas, a featured listing within one or more geographic areas or a featured listing on the homepage.

Enhanced Listings

Once the Chartered Architectural Technologist or architectural practice has become a member of the they can enhance their listing with additional information and include up to 4 project examples of their work. Each project example allows the architectural technologist or practice to include an additional 3 photographs and explanatory text relating to the project and associated photographs. Members can log into their account, check for new leads received and change any of their contact details, practice information or work examples at any time.

The has been designed to allow for flexibility in the market place and does allow any chartered architectural technologist a professional presence on the Internet whether they are a sole practitioner or large multidisciplinary practice.

Direct to Consumer or Business User

All Chartered Architectural Technologist or architectural practice listings are offered to the consumer and business user through the basic search option, which is only dependant on the practice's geographical location. A more refined search method is also available to consumers and business users in the form of the advanced search which allows the user to fine tune their search using criteria such as project type, practice name, services offered etc.

In summary the is a valuable lead generating tool for any architectural technologist or architectural practice that are looking to progress their practice forward and help establish public awareness to the terms 'Chartered Architectural Technologist' and good quality design within the environment. The conception and design of this site is hoped to exemplify both of these aspects.


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