Find a Chartered Architectural Technologist for Projects of any Size

The site has been designed so not to discriminate between large and small registered architectural practices or large and small potential clients. The is therefore an ideal facility whether the user is looking to embark on a small residential extension or a large commercial new build.

The online search facilities offered by the enables the consumer or business user to undertake a basic search for technologists using a broad criteria such as geographical location or a more advanced search which allows the user to fine tune their search using criteria such as project type, practice name, services offered etc.

Once prospective Chartered Architectural Technologists or architectural practices have been identified the consumer or business user may save up to 50 practice profiles in their shortlist. This can be accessed or amended at any time prior to sending out an enquiry to the shortlisted practices. On submitting their enquiry the enquiry is then sent to each of the shortlisted practices who will in turn contact the user via the users preferred means of contact to discuss the project in more detail.

Consumer Guides

In addition to the search, shortlist and enquiry services, the provides a wealth of invaluable information on common issues of the design, planning and building process in the form of the online consumer guides. These guides are essential reading for anyone about to employ a chartered architectural technologist or embark on a building project of any kind.

Only Chartered Architectural Technologists

All individuals and practices included on the are affiliated with the particular country's governing architectural body and by virtue of this fact they have agreed to adhere to the governing body's codes of conduct. These codes have been established to provide a certain level of standard within the profession. In meeting this level of standard the consumer or business user can be confident that the chartered architectural technologists included on the are committed to giving a high level of design and architectural service.


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