Consumer - Terms & Conditions


Consumers - refers to individuals, companies, or any other organisation seeking one or more Members to undertake Architectural services, whether this is a part or full service.

Members - refers to any ARB registered Architect, ARB registered Architect Practice, CIAT registered Technologist or CIAT registered Technologist practice who is registered on the or who can answer a quote request issued by a User.

ARB Registered Architect/ ARB Registered Architect Practice - refers to a person or practice who has had the education, training and experience needed to become an architect, and who is registered with the Architects Registration Board. Under Section 20 of the Architects Act 1997, the title 'architect' is protected and as such the Act protects the public from dishonest individuals who deliberately mislead people by calling themselves something they're not.

CIAT Registered Technologist/ CIAT registered Technologist Practice - refers to a person or practice who has had the education, training and experience needed to become an architectural technologist, a professional working and studying in the field of Architectural Technology, and who is registered with the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists.

Architectural Services - refers to services offered by a person or practice involving the art and science of building design for construction of any structure or grouping of structures and the use of space within and surrounding the structures or the design for construction, including but not specifically limited to, schematic design, design development, preparation of construction contract documents, and administration of the construction contract.

Company - refers to the website and organisation ( or ( which are solely owned by Trade Indexes Limited.

Validated Lead - refers to a screened request from a consumer. A validated lead will be a service request by a consumer, which has been deemed acceptable by the Company. This will mean the user has been contacted by the Company to make sure the correct contact details have been submitted by the consumer. It will also mean that the consumer has confirmed that they intend to carry out the described services detailed within the "find an architect/technologist" service request form or the "make an enquiry" service request form.

Description of Service:

  • The Company offers a service, which connects Consumers with Members.
  • To be connected for free with one or more Members, the Consumers must fill out either a Make an Enquiry request form or an Architect/Technologist finder service form or telephone the Company direct detailing the work they wish to undertake and the services they require.
  • The Company will telephone the Consumer to validate their service request prior to sending out a lead alert to its Members.
  • Members interested in undertaking the works will then contact the Consumer directly in order to formalise and issue a quotation and where appropriate, arrange to carry out the necessary services as required.
  • The Company does not provide quotes automatically by email.
  • Consumers are matched to Members who operate in their geographical area or where Consumers have specifically chosen a specific Supplier via the online lead generation directory.
  • Each Member has the option to either accept and purchase a lead or alternatively decline the lead request received from the Consumer via the Company.
  • In most cases, Members will need to contact Consumers by telephone and/or meet with them in person in order to provide an accurate quote.

Service costs:

Members do not have to pay to use the services provided by the Company.

The Company does not take commission on jobs carried out by Members.

Members wishing to accept and purchase to a validated lead request pay a fixed fee. The fixed fee is calculated based upon either selecting a standard lead cost or an exclusive lead cost.

A standard lead cost is £24.95 plus VAT and allows the Company to sell the lead request obtained from the Consumer to up to three or Members. Invariably a standard lead cost is only resold twice to or Members.

An exclusive lead cost is £49.95 plus VAT and allows the Company to sell the lead request obtained from the Consumer to one or Member. On buying at an exclusive lead price the Company will not resell the lead to any other or Member.

Consumer commitments

All Consumers of or agree to:

  • Use the service for personal benefit and for real and serious requests only.
  • Provide accurate information when filling out quote request forms.
  • Endeavour to inform the Company when they no longer need to be connected by Suppliers.
  • Endeavour to inform the Company if the nature of their quote request changes after they've submitted the quote request form.
  • Not misuse the services provided by the Company; those who do may be prosecuted. Misusing the service includes submitting unfair or fictitious quote requests, providing false information in quote request forms and submitting requests for products/services prohibited by law.
  • Submit online ratings and reviews of the Members they hire/are contacted by.

The Company reserves the right to delete quote requests which are incomplete, unconfirmed, or which contain false, inconsistent or vague information.

Member commitments

Members who use or agree to:

  • Respond to lead alert requests and contact the user within three days of accepting and purchasing the full validated lead details.
  • Provide free fee quotes to the user.
  • Honour all commitments and deadlines specified in the Make an Enquiry request form or an Architect/Technologist finder service form.
  • Comply with industry and governing body regulations together with all industry standards and codes of conduct.
  • Comply with tax laws.
  • Have valid insurances.
  • Perform a quality service.
  • Provide a quality after-sales service.

The Company takes these Member commitments extremely seriously to ensure Consumers receive the best possible service. The Company reserves the right to exclude Members who do not adhere to the above commitments. Members can be excluded either after an investigation process has been carried out or at any time the Company deems fit. However, the Company cannot be held liable for cases where a Member fails to meet the above commitments.

Company commitments

The Company agrees to:

  • Provide a free service for Consumers.
  • Never charge Members commission on the services they provide to the Consumer.
  • Make every effort to find one or more Suppliers who can respond to each quote request.
  • Connect Consumers with no more than three Members per quote request.
  • Notify Consumers by email within seven working days if no Member has been found to respond to their quote request. In no event can the Company be held liable for any inconvenience or damage caused by the fact that no Member has been found to respond to their quote request.
  • Contact each Consumer by email or phone to verify quote request details in order to validate the lead enquiry.
  • If the Company do not receive a response when contacting the Member, the quote request will be deleted.
  • Never interfere in the business relationship between Consumers and Members. The services provided by the Company end automatically when the Member purchases either a standard or exclusive lead and prior to the Consumer being contacted by the Member.
  • The Company cannot be found liable for any damage or inconvenience caused before, during or after completion of work carried out by a Member chosen by the Consumer.
  • The Company cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect consequence of any of its Members. It is the sole responsibility of the Consumer to check the references, insurance credentials and qualifications of any Members they choose to hire.

Reviewed: 19th July 2016